Gary Oak
Pokemon Champion
It’s 1997 and you’re downloading Pokémon porn on your 56k modem. Oh boy, this zip file full of Misty nudes only has 10 minutes left. You’ve been waiting six hours for this. When the file gets to 99.9%, you start unzipping your pants and are getting ready for the fap of your life. At that moment, guess who picks up the phone and disconnects you? GARY MOTHERFUCKING OAK.


I Hate Gary Oak

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I cant believe you can't memorize my name, Gary.

I can’t believe you can’t memorize your own name.

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Well whatever spiritual thing does it, I like it!


That’s the glory of Gary Oak for ‘ya.

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Pretty fuckin’ sick of that nitwit mucking up the Gary Oak tag with his stupid-as-fuck ask responses.

Get the fuck out of my territory.

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Ok I was messing with you. Just wanted to see the look on your face. Here's my statement. You are my favorite character in Pokemon. May you one day return to troll ash!


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Gary Oak just finished owning your ass with kung-fu. He’s walking to the hospital to recover from the wounds he got. He’s tired. He crashes into a mirror, and ends up in a coma. Why? Because not even GARYMOTHERFUCKING OAK is safe from GARY MOTHERFUCKING OAK.

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Gahhhh you're so cute ^-^


Thanks, it’s always nice to meet a fan.

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